About Us

Cycling, skateboarding, windsurfing are my passions and I love sharing them!

1981, I am twelve years old (yes, it’s roots), my uncle passed on his passion for windsurfing to me.

1984, I discovered Patagonia with my first Snap-T!

1989, Jean from Sea Speed ​​hired me in his surfshop which offered you new and used windsurfing Matis.

1991, we introduced the Mountain Bike with the iconic Marin brand. Cannondale will arrive in 1994.

1992, the snowboard adventure began with A snowboards and Burton.

1997, we enter into a partnership with Patagonia, happiness!

1999, I bought Sea Speed, I organized nights with DJ & BBQ, Fabian and Dimitri joined me to form the squad@SeaSpeed. When Fabian takes you on his famous Carnival Snowtrips, Dimitri and I take you on Tuesday evenings for epic bike rides in the forest or to jump the stairs of the Mont des Arts...

2000, I introduced Carhartt, the brand that goes well for relaxing in peace or going to the skate park until late...

While Fabian and Dimitri continue the story of Sea Speed ​​with the success that we know, I invite you to The Road, in Lasne.

This is The Road: a stylish Shop, a great welcome, a concentrate of all these products which make us and will always make us vibrate:

Carhartt with its timeless pieces built to last, Patagonia which opens our eyes to moderate consumption of respectful products: organic cotton and recycled polyester since always (and well before the others, therefore.)

Electric bikes or gravel bikes, skateboards, useful gadgets - or not :-) to dream of our next wild adventures!

Why Lasne? Because I have lived there for 23 years; I discovered fabulous paths for cycling, incredible descents to skate and a unique atmosphere around sport and outdoor action.

The Road, come ride with us (ah damn, that’s Honda!)

Come in, touch, try, you will always be warmly welcomed :-)